This entity allows you to create highly customisable shooters along the lines of the spikeshooter in regular Quake.
if set, will not start until triggered. Will also turn off when triggered again.

name of an entity (i.e. an info_notnull) to shoot towards. Theoretically, you could target monsters or func_trains… This is only the initial direction. If “tracking” is set, projectiles will eventually curve toward the activator.

delay between shots

delay for first shot

determines the speed of the projectile

specifies the model to use as a projectile. e.g “progs/gib.mdl”

0 = None, 1 = Vore style, 2 = Death Lord/Rocketeer style

0 = Flying, 1 = Ballistic (Explode on Impact), 2 = Bounce (noise2 sets bounce sound, duration sets fuse time)

Defaults to 1. This is the least amount of damage the projectile will cause

If set, damage will be between ‘mindamage’ and ‘maxdamage’. Maxdamage is at least mindamage

Makes this projectile explode. Higher values increase radius and damage. (Player rockets are 120 for reference)

Sets the sound to play when firing

Sets the sound to play when hitting

Sets the sound to play when bouncing (only applicable with style=2)

How long the fuse should burn before exploding

This is how much damage will be multiplied when the shooter hits func_breakables. This is so shooters can break func_breakables fast, without needed to be overpowering strong and kill the player in one shot.

Whether projectile should glow, 0 = Don’t glow, 1 = glow

String for obituary message, “was zapped by a trap” outputs “Player was zapped by a trap”

Various preset values for common projectile settings. Preset settings simply replace default settings. Can be overridden selectively.
0 – No preset
1 – Player Rockets
2 – Player Grenades
3 – Player Plasma
4 – Player Nails
5 – Player Super Nails

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4 thoughts on “info_trap

  1. Use key pair “modelpath” “progs/yourmodel.***” to set the projectile model. Sure to be corrected in the next release.

  2. Trying to understand using tracking 1 and 2. Tracking 0 fires at the target, tracking 1 or 2 ignores the target and goes after the player. “If “tracking” is set, projectiles will eventually curve toward the activator.” Does this mean player only?
    Another question. Is there a way to use the tarbaby explosion or info_bomb?

    • For an info_trap to fire, something has to trigger it. In Quake, the entity that touches a trigger or shoots a button is called the Activator – this is almost always one of the players. If you have a trigger that fires another trigger, the original player still counts as the Activator. This helps the tracking behave properly in Co-op mode,

      You can get the explosive damage of the Tarbaby or The Bomb, but the visual effects are not available.

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