Cross of Deflection

This is basically the Battle Suit from Quake 3, which was itself based on the Resistance rune created by Zoid for Q1CTF. It provides powerful protection without the gameplay-negating invulnerability of the pent.

It is a more complex powerup than most, with the following effects:

  • Protects completely from liquid hazards – the player will not drown or burn. Note that if submerged underwater for long enough to have otherwise started drowning, the player will immediately begin drowning when the cross wears off, unlike with the biosuit.
  • Protects completely from LG underwater discharge. Note that the pain twist and redscreen experienced when doing this with a pent do not occur with the cross.
  • Protects completely from splash damage. This includes indirect hits from all projectile and ballistic weapons like ogre grenades and vorepods. Direct hits will still inflict half damage. It also neutralises the player’s own explosions, allowing them to rocket jump with impunity.
  • All other damage is halved. This includes direct hits from splash attacks, all non-splash attacks, funcs and triggers, plus environmental hazards such as lavaballs, lasertraps and spikeshooters.
  • Does not protect against trigger_void.

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