An item with rather obvious purpose, but still worthy of note.
The flashlight is a distinct item, rather than an inbuilt feature as it is in most games, for the same reason as the warhammer melee upgrade: to keep it optional and ensure players know the mapper wants to them to have it should they decide to include it in their map.

Once acquired, the player retains the flashlight until changeleveling to start.bsp, or any map with “lose_items” set in its worldspawn. The player can toggle the light with a key bound to the “flashlight” command.

The flashlight battery will last 90 seconds, 10 seconds per indicator light ( the flashlight will remain on for 10 seconds after all the lights on the indicator go out ), and recharges at the rate of 5 seconds per light. There is a period of 5 seconds after the battery runs out when the player must wait for it to recharge.

The flashlight beam will alert monsters that see it, unless they have their “ambush” spawnflag set.

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