This entity allows mapobjects to be made of any mdl ( such as monsters, gibs etc.) or bsp ( such as custom fans, turbines and other prefabs ), or sprite.

Note that there are two new mdls currently without associated entities that may be of interest with this entity:


Both can be seen in e1m2quoth.
The tree does not animate, but the reed will even without specifying a frame; its animation is a framegroup.
These are preliminary vegetation mapobjects, many more of which we hope to add in the next update to Quoth.

In the case of custom bsps, we recommend a convention where your mapobject bsp is given the same name as your map, followed by an underscore and a description of the object e.g.


This will help keep associated mappage together in players’ folders. If you have lots of external model files, you may want to bundle your map and resources in a pak file, see packaging your map for the details.

From version 2.2, triggering a mapobject_custom will toggle its frames in the same manner as a func_wall: frame 0 goes to frame 1 and frame 1 goes to frame 0. Setting other frames on an entity using this feature is discouraged.

Cross-site promotional message: Want a collection of models created especially for use in Quake maps? Why not check out the latest release on Tome of Preach map-objects

Setting spawnflag 1 makes the mapobject a static entity.

This key should contain the path to the desired model e.g.


This sets which frame of the model to use. Remember that frame numbers start at 0.

This allows you to select the skin from a .mdl file. Again, the numbering starts at 0.

When set, the entity ignores its angles key and rotates to the angle specified here. This is helpful in editors which have poor support for entities being rotated in three dimensions. WARNING: There is a known bug in Quoth 2.0 and 2.1 where this key has no effect if the x component of the vector is set to zero, even if the other components have values. To workaround this, set the x component to 360 degrees instead, which will result in the same rotation but not trigger the bug.

The rotational velocity of the object can be set, so if you need simple rotation on a fan or similar, you may find it easier to use this entity than the hipnotic rotating entities.

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