Monster Spawning

Monsters can now be spawned easily without the need for trigger_teleports and elaborate setups. Place a monster in the map. It is sufficient to set a targetname to allow the monster to be triggered and to select certain spawnflags to enable delayed spawning:

Spawn Silent ( spawnflag 6 = bit#32 ) Controls whether or not the standard teleport flash effect and sound is played when the monster is spawned. If selected, no flash or sound will appear or play.

Delay Spawn ( spawnflag 7 = bit#64 ) Must be selected in order for delayed spawning to work at all. When this spawnflag is set, it notifies quake that the monster should not be spawned when the map loads, but to await being triggered to spawn.

Spawn Alert ( spawnflag 8 = bit#128 ) Can be set to awaken the monster to the player’s presence as soon as it is spawned regardless of whether it can see the player or not.

This key can be added to enhance the delayspawn feature: “spawndelay” can be set with a value for the number of seconds before a monster is spawned in after triggering.
Setting “spawndelay” to -1 will introduce a semi-random delay of somewhere from 0 -> 0.4 seconds. This is useful for ambushes where several monsters are triggered to spawn in simultaneously, making the effect slightly more ‘natural’.

Using this feature obviously allows monster teleport ambushes to be set up quickly and easily without the need for ‘spawnboxes’ to be built outside the playerspace of the map. It can also be used with the spawnsilent option to simply repopulate previously visited areas with reinforcements awaiting the player’s return or to ensure such monsters are not alerted by unintentional line of sight to the player beforehand.

It has the additional benefit of minimising the total number of monsters active in a map to only those the player is currently dealing with.

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