classname: monster_army_rocket
health: 60
size: small
ranged: weak homing rockets
melee: none
special: drops 1 rocket ammo

Fires mildly tracking, weak, explosive missiles at the player. The missiles gradually ramp up in speed, so they track marginally better at close ranges (distance < 500) while they are still moving relatively slow. They will accelerate forever, however, so quickly start moving rather fast. They can’t track very well at this stage, but they make up for it in fast movement.
Also note that the missiles won’t home on to the player when he isn’t visible. If the player goes out of sight, the missile will continue moving forward and accelerating, waiting to try to find a lock on the player again if he becomes visible later.

Necros says 
Your standard long range irritant, really. Use these guys at a distance, and they’ll be fine. They are nearly useless in melee, however. Also, at 60 health, they aren’t tanks. If the player sees them early, they’ll be lucky to get one shot off. Keep this in mind when placing them in your maps.

Kell says 
These guys are fun, and the way the rockets track makes them much more interesting to fight than other sniper monsters. But because of this, the challenge and – possibly – frustration increases exponentially with each additional rocketeer in an area; 4 rocketeers is far more than 4 times the challenge of just 1. In later areas of base maps, their low health may make it tempting to include more of them, but also consider mixing other monsters in.

They’re still grunts, just with redder armour. Shotguns will deal with them fairly quickly and anything above that can swat them like flies often before they get a shot off. Placing rocketeers for surprise can balance this, as can restricting the use of certain weapons by range or ammo. Placing rocketeers far apart is a good way to increase their chance to shoot, since even the most powerful weapon takes time to turn 180° and aim.

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