Death Guard

classname: monster_death_guard
health: 200
size: small
ranged: fireball ( projectile splash )
melee: sword slash, sword chop
special: won’t infight with other death brigade

The weakest of the Death Brigade, these guys work in almost any situation, and are designed to be your generic-use medieval monster.

Necros says
They can be used either as melee or ranged sniper, so anywhere you want to place them should be fine. Their chop attack is a slow one, so the ‘shambler dance’ maneuver works on them as well.

Kell says
Guards are very useful monsters because they’re middle range health and quick but weak attacks allow them to be used just about anywhere. Having 200 health and an inaccurate ranged attack they are similar to ogres, with the notable exceptions that they move faster and with the smaller bbox. Think of death guards as leaner, fitter ogres.

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