Death Knight

classname: monster_death_knight
health: 250
size: small
ranged: firespray ( projectile fan )
melee: sword slash, sword smash
special: won’t infight with other death brigade

You’ll no doubt be very familiar with this monster already. We haven’t changed his characteristics at all.

What we have changed about him are the entities: monster_death_knight is what now appears in the quoth .def and .fgd files. The original monster_hell_knight does not, but remains in the progs so that older maps that use him remain playable in Quoth. Both the _hell and _death versions behave identically, including the disabled infighting with other Death Brigade. To the player, these changes are utterly transparent.

The other reason he has an entry in the tutorial is to allow us to explain a little about the Death Brigade.
Death knight reskins have been a staple of Q1SP mods almost from the beginning because the model itself is a rather nice piece of work and also contains several animations not used by the finished monster. However, we have taken this one step further by creating the Death Brigade, a loose cult of fantasy-medieval hard men who share certain similarities that the other Quake monsters do not.

The most important of these to your map is that members of the Death Brigade do not infight. Their attacks still cause each other damage though, and they will infight with other monsters with customary machismo.
Each current member of the Death Brigade is designed to work alone, or with other monsters, as normal; there is no requirement to group them together. But if you’re looking for a decent, varied horde combat the Death Brigade are a good choice to consider.

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