Death Lord

classname: monster_death_lord
health: 400
size: small
ranged: firestorm ( homing projectiles )
melee: sword chop + lightning
special: deflective aura, won’t infight with other death brigade

The stronger of the Death Brigade, these guys have a magical aura that is active whenever they are not firing and halves the damage they take ( it is essentially an intermittent version of the Cross powerup, hence the emblem on his breastplate ).
At close range (not just melee), they will blast the player with lightning. If the player is close enough they’ll be hit by the sword chop as well. The tracking fireballs behave much like the rocketeer’s missiles, except that they do not accelerate continuously.

Necros says 
Can be used in a fair variety of places, however, it may be wise to provide some cover, at least in lower skill levels. They aren’t all that powerful, given enough weapons and ammo. Keep in mind they could introduce a bit of ammo unpredictability, because some players may choose to wait until the aura drops before attacking while others may not. Be prepared to add a small amount of ammo to make up for this discrepancy.

Kell says 
The lords are strange fellows indeed, and fighting them isn’t quite like for any other monster. Aside from the aura, which mostly slows the pace of combat and demands a little more tactical thinking of the player, their most eccentric feature is speed; lords will only run to regain LOS to the player, the rest of the time they walk or stand and fire. This means that the more direct movement required of the player in other combats isn’t as appropriate. Usually you will want to lock the player in an area with a lord, or at least require them to hang around. This coupled with the lords’ higher-than-middle health makes them a good choice to protect a progress-dependent feature, such as a door or key. In this regard, think of them as very minor boss monsters.

Both shotgun and nail weapons are about right for taking on a lord, nails being more likely to be wasted, or at least underused, if fired while the deflective aura is active.
Grenades are effective while the aura is down, similar to their use against vores. But while the aura is up, grenades simply bounce off without causing any damage at all. Which can be interesting in combats involving other monsters alongside the lord.
The RL will drop a lord reasonably fast, even with his aura, but the player will need to do most of the legwork to continue dodging his firestorm while keeping back from their own splash.
The LG is fast, but still takes long enough that the lord will most likely make a good attempt with his own lighting attack in retaliation. If the lord’s aura is up, however, the LG shaft will be reflected off at full damage. Possibly right back at the player.
The PG has no real drawbacks here, and is even better in horde combats where other monsters might also be hit as the player spams the lord with plasma.

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