classname: monster_defender
health: 120
size: small
ranged: GL
melee: SSG
special: drops 10 shells

A base map variant of the ogre, he’ll lob grenades at the player if the player meets two criteria:
1. The player must be below the defender
2. The player must be at least ~200 units away from the Defender to prevent self-damage from explosions.
If the player is above the defender, or close to him ( or both ), he’ll switch over to the Super Shotgun.

Beyond that, he behaves just like any other monster.

Necros says 
Since they have two viable weapons, they can be used pretty much anywhere. They are your general purpose monster after enforcers, with slightly higher health and more powerful attacks. If you need a bombardier, place them like you would an ogre, otherwise, anywhere will do.

Kell says 
Solid soldiers, but they won’t tank the player instantly unless they have backup. Their use of a shotgun at close range can be utilised for cheap surprise attacks behind doors – especially key doors – at the top of lifts or the other side of teleporters. If you place defenders where they can use their shotguns, however, provide a little health afterwards or players may hate you ;)

Plugging away with the SG at medium range is much the same against defenders as enforcers. Should the player end up in their shotgun range, a diplomatic exchange of buckshot can be quite fun despite how low those weapons are on the inventory. Nail weapons will chew with satisfying ease, especially given the more lengthy and theatrical pain animations in the model. Once trading explosives with defenders, only being below them – as with ogres – will make them a serious threat.

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