classname: monster_edie
health: 450
size: large
ranged: nailgun volley
melee: buzzsaw
special: none

Preach says 
Edie is a vore level monster for base style maps. His nailgun fires in 10 round bursts, with spread enough that the player will find it difficult to avoid all the nails without some form of cover available. At close range the buzzsaw lifts the player as well as damaging, and is also harder to avoid than a shambler’s melee. This means providing something to hide behind is more important for an encounter with an edie than with a shambler. The amount of cover provided can depend on the level of weaponry the player possesses.

Kell says 
Edie is our candidate for ‘larger base monster’ although his design is intended to fit in metal or medieval maps too.
Like the centroid above, edie is large, slow and essentially a walking tank. His supernailgun can deliver a substantial amount of damage, but only if the player stays exposed long enough.

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