classname: monster_eliminator
health: 160
size: small
ranged: plasma gun
melee: none
special: drops 2 cells

Preach says 
The eliminator is an elite enforcer, with a much more powerful attack from the plasma gun. They are effective in the same situations that an enforcer would be, but remain viable when the player has higher powered weapons available. Because they are protected from splash damage ( but not direct hits ) inflicted by plasma attacks – including their own weapons – in larger groups they are less likely to kill each other.

It also discourages the player from simply whipping out their own PG whenever they meet eliminators, both of which are likely to appear in the later stages of a base map.

Kell says 
As the supposed elite of the enforcer reskins, it may seem odd – and perhaps disappointing – that the eliminator does not arrive with an array of weaponry comprehensive enough to make an action hero envious. But this is not a shortcoming of either the eliminator or our imaginations. They aredesigned to be simple. Shoulder cannons, forcefields, multi-bombs, and other such exotic monster attacks – while cool on paper – do not neccessarily translate into absorbing gameplay. The eliminator is the top of the enforcer team precisely because his equipment is powerful enough on its own.

The simplicity and similarity of the eliminators’ attack to the enforcers’ makes them easier to get to grips with for both players and mappers. Players tackle them with the same manoeuvers as they would enforcers, but with the certainty of a much greater penalty should their skills be found lacking. Mappers can place them just like enforcers, but towards the end of a base map where the player can comfortably be awarded the equipment normally reserved for tackling things with bigger bounding boxes and fewer eyes.

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