Flak Ogre

classname: monster_ogre_flak
health: 200
size: large
ranged: flak gun
melee: chainsaw
special: drops 10 nails

Preach says 
The flak ogre differs from a conventional ogre only in the ranged attack it possesses. The flak gun fires a pattern of nails at the player. The primary advantage of this attack is that it can fire at a player who is elevated above the ogre and still do damage, unlike the grenade launcher. It can also hit the player from further away than a grenade can. You can mix flak and grenade ogres as they will not infight.
The direct attack of the flak gun can be dodged as easily as a grenade, but if it misses the player it does no damage at all. A grenade lying on the ground still poses a threat. So attacking from above, the conventional ogre is more effective. Also of note is that the flak ogre yields nails when killed rather than rockets, which can be useful if you wish to limit the player’s supply of explosives during the early part of a map.

Kell says 
This is a straightforward reskin, intended to be a simple and useful expansion of mapping options.
Everything except the ranged attack and elements of the skin are deliberately identical to the grenade ogre, including the frequency with which the flak ogre will fire at the player and its tendency to go into protracted pain animations. This means that placing and fighting flak ogres is intuitive, but the flak opens up a few more options for combat.

The flak is fixed to fire in a cross of 5 nails, rather than spew randomly like spikey buckshot. This is also to allow combat to be intuitive and reliable, where the mapper’s planning and player’s skill determine the outcome.

The skin just incorporates a bit more metal onto the traditional grubby leather to help identification at a distance without commiting thematic heresy, and perhaps because the flak ogre has better taste in music.

Really, you can put a flak ogre almost anywhere in any map and you’ll have instant Quakey goodness.

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