classname: monster_voreling
health: 65
size: small
ranged: leap
melee: bite
special: dangle

Quake has never had a small, weak, scittery monster ( the closest is probably the gremlin in Scourge Of Armagon, or the rare appearance of custom spiders ). The voreling is designed to be the Quake equivelant of the facehugger from Aliens or the headcrab from Half-Life.
Its characteristics are what you would expect of such a creature – small, weak and fast.

Vorelings can be made to begin in a map hanging from a ceiling so that they can drop down on unsuspecting players. To do this, place the monster below a ceiling and set the key/value "dangle" "1" It does not have to be placed precisely, it wil be ‘autoraised’ into position.
The voreling’s exact behaviour proceeds as follows:
Normally, monsters will awaken when they ‘see’ the player; however, when a voreling is dangling from the ceiling this behaviour is overriden. Note also that its idle sound plays less often. Sneaky buggers.
Vorelings will not detach from the ceiling even if they see the player. They will wait for a short while to see if the player will move underneath them.
Two things can happen. If the player moves away, the voreling will give up it’s plan and detach to attack the player. If the player continues to close and move under a voreling in dangle mode, it will detach and fall on the player, inflicting damage. Afterwards, it will behave like a normal voreling.

Once on the ground and fighting the player, vorelings are much like tiny fiends – concerned only with getting into melee and able to leap occassionally to achieve this.

The main gameplay purpose of vorelings is to harass the player, stripping away a few health points either while they have more pressing concerns or prior to a major combat.
In this respect, think of vorelings as mobile antihealth kits.

Any weapon will kill a voreling fairly swiftly, but using shotguns is sometimes a bit too slow to prevent the little shits getting in at least one rasping attack. With enough warning, the player can deal with a voreling without much effort: it is surprise, confusion or weight of numbers that give vorelings a chance.
Nail weapons can chew through several vorelings in swift succession, though the player can’t always target every individual in a group.
Explosives can obviosuly chunk handfuls of the wretched creatures at once, but the speed at which a voreling can reach melee makes this more risky than players will usually prefer.
The LG is predictably fast, but could be considered wasted on vorelings.

The Necrosian Dirty Ammo Trick 
Because the voreling model is designed to fit a 32x32x24 unit volume, it can be completely submerged inside a large ammo box or megahealth.
Place an ammo entity in your map, enable its ‘large’ spawnflag and place a monster_voreling on top of the ammo, resting on the floor as normal. Enable its “delayspawn” and “spawnsilent” spawnflags and have it targetted by some other event in your map such that the player will not be aware of it when it is spawned in. Set the voreling’s angle key to face away from the direction the player is most likely to approch to pick up the ammo and enable its “ambush” spawnflag to reduce the chances of it being alerted by other monsters.
When the player goes for the ammo box they’ll discover it contains a nasty bonus.

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