Multiple Targeting

This allows any entity to have multiple targets and targetnames in the form of target2, targetname3 etc. The numbers do not correspond, so an entity with “target2” “gold” will trigger any entity with “targetname3” “gold” and also any entity with “targetname4” “gold” and so on. This can save quite a few brushes and model precaches where previously complex chains of triggers would have to be employed. The full list of extra fields is:

  • targetname2
  • targetname3
  • targetname4
  • target2
  • target3
  • target4
  • killtarget2

Note that these new names only have equal status when it comes to firing triggers, other uses of the targetname field may not check targetname2-4. For example, when creating a sequence of path_corner entities, the next entity in the chain must be identified by the name in the targetname field. Rule of thumb: if a function affects all entities with a particular targetname it will also work on targetname2 – targetname4 . If the function affects only the first entity found, targetname2 – targetname4 will not count.

A recommended structure is to use the original targetname field to give entities unique identifiers, and use the remaining fields for group triggers.

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