Packaging your map

Many mapping entities in Quoth offer the option to use custom resources like sounds and external models, allowing the creation of maps that are more diverse and atmospheric. However, this can make the installation of maps difficult, with lots of files spread across the Quoth directory, and there is the potential for conflict between files in different releases. One of the objectives of the Quoth Launcher included in 2.2 is to allow custom maps to be supplied in a pak file, so that all the sounds, models, skyboxes etc. for a map can be bundled together. The launcher also helps users who aren’t familiar with the command line to run maps easily.

Suppose that our map comes with a few external bsp files, a custom ambient sound and a skybox. This is a prime candidate for bundling into a pak file. Get your favourite pak editor and place your files in the corresponding directories.


The vital trick is to name your pak file after your your map file, so in this case the map qt_sp2.bsp must live in a pak file named qt_sp2.pak. This is how the launcher knows which map to launch after it installs your pak.

It’s worth noting that when players use the launcher, they go straight into the map, which does mean they miss out on the chance to set the skill level they would like. One solution is to provide your own skill select level in the pak, as in hrimfaxi’s Breakfast at Twilight map. This means that your pak file must be named after your start-map, not your main map. It is probably best to choose a name for your pak, and rename the start map to match (which may also mean a rename for your main map file). Your pak might look strange with a name like qt_sp2_start.pak. Example

greeneyed.pak containing:
maps/greeneyed.bsp //the skill selection map
maps/pr_sp1.bsp //the actual sp map
maps/pr_sp1.lit //supporting files

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