This is a point entity for playing any sound effect when it is triggered.
The sound file is specified with the “noise” key in the format “ambience/nightmare.wav” ( the “/sound/” bit is automatically added by the engine ). The “volume” of the sound can also be set. Default is 1, maximum volume.

The attenuation, i.e. the way in which the sound fades out with distance, can be changed with the “speed” key. Higher values cause the sound to fade out faster, but anything above 4 or 5 fades out too fast to be useful. A value of -1 means no attenuation: the sound will be heard throughout the map. Default is 1, normal attenuation.

A sound channel on which to play the sound can be set, with values from 0 -> 7. Default is 0.
The sound can also be set to repeat every “wait” seconds.

Set spawnflag 1 on this entity to allow the sound to be toggled. Trigger the entity a second time to cancel the noise and reset the entity to play again. Note that at present the wait field must be non-zero for this spawnflag to take effect. If you are using a looping sound effect you may not want to retrigger the sounds – as a workaround set the field to an extremely long wait that will not be encountered in practice.

If target is set, then Quoth looks for an entity with a matching targetname (note that extended targetname fields are ignored for this feature). If it finds one, then the sound is played emanating from that entity rather than the play_sound_triggered.

Here is a list of new environmental sound files in the pak0.pak, with a brief description of each. Those denoted by ‡ are looped and can therefore also be used with the ambient_generalpurpose entity.

Used for the large Dais in ne_marb, a loud, screaching, rumbling sound of something big moving. Important times:
0 seconds: Rusty sounds of things being strained
2 seconds: Actual movement starts
14 seconds: Movement stops
( yes, i mispelled ‘dais’ ¬_¬ )

Used for the Driveshaft under the large Dais in ne_marb, starts off slow, then will continue looping forever.

A low, foreboding sound from System Shock 2. A cool atmosphere setter as it’s vaguely like music, but not quite.

A low rumbling of stone on stone or metal on stone ( used as an ambient sound from the two generators in ne_marb )

The firing sound for the generators in ne_marb. Important times:
0 seconds: Movement sound starts
2 seconds: Lightning noise starts
6 seconds: Lightning noise stops and movement sounds starts to slow down
8 seconds: End

A sharp and cold sounding wind sound. Plays midway up the elevator in ne_marb. Loops

The sound that plays in ne_marb2 when the gug room rotates. Starts off the same as dias.wav Important times:
0 seconds: Rusty sounds of things being strained
2 seconds: Actual movement starts
7 seconds: Movement stops

A wierd humming/thruming sound… Loops.

A strong, forlorn wind sound. Plays at the top of the castle in ne_marb. Loops

necros/tld_strt.wav ‡ and necros/tld_stop.wav
tld_strt will start and loop, while tld_stop is one shot. Meant to be used like a door sound, but for func_trains or rotaters. It sounds like rusty, grating metal with a bit of machinery sound.

Quiet water lapping (blood? o.0) Loops.

Water fall (blood fall? 0.o) Loops.

necros/woodmve.wav ‡ and necros/woodstp.wav
woodmve will start and loop, while woodstp is one shot. Meant to be used like a door sound, but for func_trains or rotaters. Sounds like wood on stone, wood on wood.

A low, drawling moan. One shot, slightly spooky.

Deep, malevolent droning. The sound of the finale stargates of Contract Revoked and The Lost Chapters

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