This entity creates a bolt of lightning which can be toggled between firing continuously and off.


  1. RANDOM: The time between bolts of lightning will vary randomly between 0 and wait seconds (see below).
  2. BOOM: The entity plays the boom of the player’s lightning attack as well as the lightning hit sound each time it is fired.

The event to trigger to switch this entity on or off.

Set to 1 to have the lightning active initially, or to 0 for it to be inactive initially.

If set, then the lightning bolt will be aimed towards the origin of the entity with a matching targetname (n.b. currently the additional fields targetname2-4 are not supported).

How much damage a hit from the lightning inflicts. Defaults to 30.

Delay before first bolt is fired, allows for staggering of traps through a level.

How long the beam should remain active after being triggered.

The length of time after one bolt of lightning starts that the next one will fire. If the RANDOM spawnflag is applied, this is the upper limit.

Specifies a sound to replace the default lightning sound played.

If set to 1, the entity fires lightning without making any sounds. This overrides the BOOM spawnflag and any custom noise applied.

If set to 1, the visible beam matches the style of the shambler. By default the player’s lightning effect is used.

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