The trigger_command class gives you a standard trigger with a built-in info_command, removing the need to target a separate info_command entity. trigger_command has the abilities and settings of a trigger_multiple with one vital difference. The message key no longer defines a text message to display to the player. Instead, it defines the command string to send to the player’s console. See the info_command entry for details on sending commands.


1: NOTOUCH – this disables touch, which makes it more like an info_command which also fires targets
2: ONLY_ACTIVATOR – this spawnflag comes from the info_command entity, and makes it so that only the player who touched the trigger gets sent the specified command. By default all players are sent the command, this only makes a difference in coop.
4: RESEND_ON_LOAD – when this entity is activated, it also updates the environment variables
8: DO_NOT_TERMINATE – suppresses the \n character the mod normally appends to commands

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