The Bomb

classname: weapon_bomb
attack type: splash
rate of fire: 1 shot
damage per shot: lots
ammo type: none
ammo on pickup: 1
HUD slot: 6 + 6
select command: impulse 251
special: coop only, single use

For those who may not recognise it, this is basically the kamikaze carried item from Quake III: Team Arena. But by including it for coop, its use is a bit different from the original’s CTF application.
The obvious situation for players to use the bomb is against large numbers of closely packed monsters i.e. hordes or at the climax of a map against gugs/vermii etc., in locations where they hopefully have enough room to maneuver into the best position before firing. There really isn’t much more to it than that.

The challenge of maximising the damage and the restriction of only one detonation per player per map, take the edge off the devestation this weapon may initially seem to provide. Add to that the reluctance some players may have to suicide, even with the guarantee of a coop respawn, and the rarity of coop play compared to SP, and the carefully crafted gameplay of your map is not likely to be ruined by including the bomb.

The best reason to include the bomb is if your map has one, or preferably more, major combats where players have the option – but not neccessity – to tackle it with this weapon.

From the benefit of our more recent and varied coop runs we have discovered there are only 2 major elements to the Q1 coop experience:
1. Fun
2. Chaos

And these are really what the bomb is for.

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