classname: weapon_hammer
attack type: melee
rate of fire: 1 shot/0.5 seconds
damage per shot: 40
ammo type: none
ammo on pickup: none
HUD slot: 1
select command: impulse 1
special: replaces axe

Though forged with archaic magic that binds the strength of Thor, this warhammer is not as powerful as the god’s own weapon – the Mjolnir from Scourge Of Armagon. However, it does deal more punishment than the standard battleaxe.
The axe takes ½ second to swing, inflicting 20 dmg for a successful blow. The hammer takes exactly the same time to swing, but delivers a hefty 40 dmg when it strikes. When the player picks up the hammer it does not appear in a new weapon slot, but simply replaces the axe.
The practical upshot of all this is that the hammer is really just a melee upgrade.

This weapon upgrade is inspired by the modifications to the standard axe appearing in certain SP mods.
The default axe is so weak as to be essentially useless, but some map designs can benefit from a decent melee weapon. By providing this upgrade in the form of a weapon visually similar but distinct from the axe, it leaves it optional for any mapper to include or not and ensures that the player is clearly aware of the upgrade if and when it has been delivered.

There isn’t really any need to provide the hammer in your map unless you feel that it has definite benefits. Although necros and I have tested the hammer in a number of different maps, we have yet to include it in any finished gameplay.
There are a number of small but significant benefits for players wielding the hammer. Against vorelings and other weak monsters, the hammer is quick ( though not instant ) and allows the player to conserve a bit of ammo. Used against low- to middle-bestiary monsters in solo combats, the hammer can sometimes be enough to win with relatively little damage being sustained. In hordes or against upper-bestiary monsters, even alone, the neccessity to reach melee range makes the hammer an unattractive option.
Combined with the Quad, the hammer will inflict 160 damage per strike, which is more than a normal rocket hit, but that still leaves the question of getting close enough to use it.

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