There are now several new keys that can be added to your map’s worldspawn.

Simple. Add a value for this key to set the gravity of your map.
Note that default gravity is 800 and e1m8 gravity is 100.

As usual, this key sets the style of key items that will appear in your map. We’ve added one more value for our new ‘elderkey’ design.

0 = medieval – tallkeys ( default )
1 = metal – runekeys
2 = base – keycards
3 = elder – eyekeys

This allows key items to be retained by the player across map changes.
Note that this value relates to both the map which the player is exiting and the map they are entering: the previous map needs to have ‘send keys’ and the next map needs to have ‘get keys’. A previous map with ‘send keys’, but a next map without ‘get keys’ will not transfer keys.

0 = keys are lost, as usual ( default )
1 = send keys over to next map, but don’t get keys from previous map
2 = get keys from previous map, but don’t send over to next map
3 = send and get

Given that it is good map design to block the player’s path with a keydoor before allowing them to acquire the corresponding key, this feature might seem a bit redundant. However, with some of the other features available – such as info_mapgate and info_endgate – key retention could be used as part of a hub or episodic series of maps.

This is a simple, but specific effect. Setting this key to 1 will reset the player’s inventory on entering the map to start map status i.e. they will have no armour, 100 health, only the SG and 25 shells.
Note that this will not override the keep_keys feature, so you can have the player return to a start/hub map with keys but nothing else.

This key allows a range of optimisations to be enabled globally for your map. The most important one applies a fix to bounding boxes: it broke some existing maps, and so needed to be made opt-in, but we recommend it for all new maps. Three others relate to models, allowing you to trade varying degrees of visual fidelity for a reduction in precached models.
To apply one or more to your map, sum the numbers corresponding to the changes you want, and then put the total in the “aflag” key of the worldspawn.

1 = Combine Ammo Models

This option combines all 11 models for ammo crates and health packs into a single .mdl file. The main advantage is this saves you up to 10 model precaches, depending on how many of the ammo and health pickups you use. The model is not a bsp any more, so it is lit according to the ground it is placed on. Some existing maps would be adversely affected by this as they have ammo crates in the dark which would be hard to spot. On the other hand, it can be a nice looking effect if you design your map with this change in mind.

2 = Remove Head Gibs

This option is available for those who need to save lots of models, but isn’t recommended unless you need it. It replaces the unique head gib thrown by each monster with a regular gib model. This will save about one model for each type of monster in your map, except in cases where models share the same gib or have no head gib. Sadly this concession does not reclassify the game from ADULT to TEEN.

4 = Fix Rotated Bounding Boxes

This option will “fix” the bounding boxes on health, ammo and exploding boxes that have been rotated. Although quake does not support true rotated bounding boxes, when this option is on it will resize and translate the bounding boxes to contain the visible model. In some existing maps this causes rotated items to fall out of the world, so it cannot be applied by default, but we recommend turning it on for all new maps.

8 = Combine View and Ground Weapon Models

This option will save you up to 7 models, by combining the view models and ground models of each weapon into one. This does marginally increase the polycount of each model, but the models are almost indistinguishable visually.

This is a feature of some engines, such as Fitzquake, rather than Quoth. But we mention it here because Quoth comes with a number of prepackaged skyboxes. The new skyboxes have been rendered at 1024×1024, including new versions of those first provided for The Lost Chapters.
They are named:

void ( not actually 1024, just 6 black squares 16×16 )

It’s worth noting that as well as providing atmosphere, skyboxes – even the blank black void sky – are easier on the rendering in any map with lots of sky surfaces visible.

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